Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ice Skating

Ella had her first ice skating adventure on Saturday. Obviously, I could only spectate--but David had a great time pushing her around the ice (though he woke up a bit sore on Sunday). We weren't sure how she would react, and set no expectations for her in talking about it ahead of time. Periodically she kept saying--look! they're skating just like Angelina! She absolutely loved it! It was a gorgeous day with nice warm temps in the low 30's.

Of course it was helpful that Tori was there too. The Hudson's came to town for the weekend to visit and celebrate Tori's birthday. I can't believe she's 5 years old now--I remember going to the hospital the night she was born! Anyhow, now being the resident Minnesotans, Jeff, Cheryl and Tori all had their own skates--and Tori's even been taking lessons. We had a great visit--baby Jin is growing so fast and walking all over the place. We're always sad that it's just a visit now though.

Anyhow--while there in Millennium Park, we also took in the Museum of Modern Ice and of course had to walk under the "bean". Enjoy the photos!

Getting laced up

Ready to go--waiting for Papa to lace up

Patiently waiting for the Zamboni to finish clearing the ice.

First steps onto the ice!

Tori arrives-and I suddenly remember the article I just
read about kids wearing helmets while time
we'll remember.

The Minnesotan's take to the ice

Cheryl & Tori

Tori & Jeff

Cheryl & Tori, David & Ella

Jin just woke up and is watching everyone

David & Ella

David & Ella

Ella in front of one of the ice art sculptures

The Bean--see if you can see all three of us!

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Picture catch-up

Here are some pictures from the last 4-6 weeks.


Opening my package with my new Ballet Kitty doll and book.
Thank you cousins Lexi & Gracie! I love them.

Playing with Nana and "New Baby"

Happy Birthday to Nana!

Drawing on my easel while dressed up of course.

The best Chicago Hot Dog ever!
Chicago History Museum
Miss Kristie putting toppings on her Chicago Hot Dog.
Chicago History Museum

Mr. Craig riding an old-time Chicago bicycle.
Chicago History Museum.

The Earnhart Duo

Jockey riding her horse to Paris as usual.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7 weeks and counting

So time can really sneak up on you when suddenly you realize you will have another child to care for in 7 weeks or less. It's exciting, yet frustrating and of course carries a bit of scariness in the unknown too.

Meeting your new baby, discovering their gender, introducing them to big sister Ella=exciting
Choosing a name that me and picky husband can both agree upon=frustrating but fun
Staying in a hospital for 3 nights (even if it's brand new with great views of the Lake)=more frustrating and not fun
Trying to think of a new bedroom arrangement to accommodate yet another person and their bed, albeit very small=depressing
Imagining what it will be like the first time David leaves for work and kisses all THREE of us goodbye=scary

I'm hoping to get the full 7 weeks remaining, but have a feeling this baby wants out early--it just won't stop spinning, punching, kicking and is not settling down at all...only time will tell! We do finally have a emergency plan in place (Thank you Monica!) in case the baby arrival comes before Nana's arrival.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

This little piggy went to...

The Hon Kee and Sun Wah BBQ restaurant's on Argyle Street. If you don't know--we live right next to the "Second China town" which is more Vietnamese than Chinese. So Ella and I walked over to Argyle street for a "special lunch" on Friday to Patisserie P (where else can she and I both have a spectacular lunch with dessert for $3.51?)--and afterwards we lucked into pig delivery time on the street. This is not the first time it's happened, but we always have to stand and watch the man unload and carry in all of the butchered whole pigs to the restaurant. The difference this time was that Ella finally noticed the "hole" in their underside and asked me what it was. So after I explained it was where they had to cut them open to take out all of the body parts inside that we don't eat, she seemed satisfied but said, "Why are their eyes still on? That's silly--they should take them off too!" I had to agree with her. We decided they definitely had no need to see anymore.

We then headed to the red-line and while waiting for the train up on the platform we saw the truck pull up to another restaurant and got to watch more pigs being delivered. I think everyone was really loading up for Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend, because it seemed they brought alot more than usual. Anyhow, the conversation then turned to her saying, "But we don't eat pigs!" And I reminded her that most of her favorite food is pig: bacon, sausage, ham, pulled pork from Smoque.... She just said, "Oh." Maybe someday I'll have my camera with me when we see the deliveries--it's quite interesting, and something you can only experience living around here.

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