Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Apple Spider

Keeping warm inside today

Ella playing aminals and blocks:
Hannah, Mikayla (L to R) on top of blocks

"Apple spider", "aminals", "A-vuh-lor"
"apple cider", "animals", "elevator"
The few words left that Ella doesn't pronounce correctly. Ever since "stroder" became "stroller", it's kind of sad and we don't really correct her because we're holding onto the last few baby like things.

Ella's favorite "made-up" word. She's been in the language development phase of making up her own words for a few months now, but this is one of her favorites. It can take on the meaning of just about anything she wants. Another is the phrase: "Hock a neeny" instead of "hock a lugey" which of course David taught her. And no, I'm proud to say I don't know how to spell lugey.

Today's a relative heatwave with temperatures finally above zero again-currently 10 degrees. We exchanged it for snow though.