Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Pampered Baby

So, since birth, my kids have all been diapered in Pampers brand. First swaddlers, then cruisers, then easy-ups.

Then P&G decided to rock my world, and a whole lot of other parents too. At first, I thought I had purchased a package of defective diapers, only to learn that I was holding in my hand one of the first "new-improved with Dry-Max cruisers". I was livid, so what do I do? First, I go to the P&G website, only to find out that I'm not the only mom who thinks the new cruisers suck! Second, I start desperately searching the diaper aisles of every store in the city for the "old" cruisers box. And I will admit, I even opened a few just to make sure before I bought them.

So Pampers/P&G decided to remove the mesh liner. Hello? This is the main reason most people LOVE cruisers! Secondly, they thinned the diaper out so much that it is literally transparent on the backside. What a joke. Leaking, rashes, night wakings. Ugh!

How does this story end? Well, despite the hoards of phone calls, e-mails, website postings, facebook wall postings, etc. P&G went through with the full product line change and lost alot of customers along with it. The fall out, well you can read about it on just about any of the hundreds of thousands of hits that will come up if you google "pampers dry max problems". Here's just one to leave you with: Pampers dry max

So my personal life was changed by this, several months ago. The Pampered baby has been trying out all other diaper brands. Once I find my favorite solution (which just might be big boy underwear!), I'll let you know.