Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"I'm not done yet!"

A job taken seriously. That would best describe Ella's debut as a flower girl. Overall the wedding weekend was very fun and tiring. Ella's never been up so late, missed so many naps, for so many days in a row--that would be 4 days. What a mess she is! But it was a very special occasion that called for exceptions to rules and schedules. And we all enjoyed the festivities in spite of it all. We're still dealing with the fall-out though as Ella tries to "catch-up" and return to her normal schedule. So of course you're all waiting to hear how she did in the wedding. Well, at the rehearsal she was very confused when she was walking down the aisle with Lexi (her cousin and partner in flower-girl crime), and she ran out of flower petals to sprinkle. So Kelly, (Karla's Mom), made sure the day of the wedding that the girl's baskets were absolutely packed with petals in hopes to relieve Ella's confusion. After alot of pictures and alot of waiting the big moment finally arrived. Angie (my sister-in-law--Lexi's Mom) and I left the girls in the care of the maid of honor and went to be seated before the bridal party processional began. As I'm nervously counting all nine bridesmaids and waiting for the ring-bearer hoping a no-nap meltdown or another removal of the headpiece doesn't occur in the back, the big moment finally arrives, and I forget to start the movie on my camera. Sorry! But I definitely got to enjoy the moment of watching my little flower-girl dressed like a little bride, start to walk down the aisle and turn around different directions to sprinkle the petals just right. When she reached the pew at the front where I was sitting, she was to walk in and sit with me and David. Note: Lexi, being much more direct with doing her job had left Ella in the dust and had already made it successfully down the aisle and was seated with Jon and Angie--way to go Lexi! So I whispered, "Ella, come sit down!" very loud reply while shaking head no: "I'm not done yet!" Everyone in the church busted out laughing, and the photographer ran right up to her to capture the moment. But Ella could care less about all of this. She had a job to do, namely the long-awaited sprinkling of the flower petals for Karla to walk on, and she was not going to stop until all the petals were gone! Quickly realizing this could easily turn into a scene based on her lack of sleep, I just smiled and said: "O.k., but hurry and sprinkle them!" So she then stood there in the aisle and continued to sprinkle them and looked down at her basket when something clicked in her mind... telling her, there are alot of petals left in this basket! She then proceeded to hold her basket high over her head and turn it upside down, dumping the rest of the petals out! It was hysterical!!! It was perfect. I'll never forget it and wish you all could have seen it. If we're able to get a copy of the video, I'll post the clip of the big dump. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a great party--I don't think I've ever seen so many white roses in my life!--and Ella gave the wedding cake two thumbs up! (Really good buttercream and homemade cake).

Other than that, my favorite memories are in no particular order:

1. the view from our hotel room that was a constant reminder that we were in Texas:Texas oil well at work
2. Missing the O'Hare luggage cut-off again, by just one minute....and having to spend the entire day at O'Hare trying to squeeze on a flight stand-by.
3. When headed to lunch on Friday, Ella said Do we have to take the big airplane to get there? (no) Do we have to drive? (yes, but only for about 10 minutes) still not happy.
4. At the rehearsal dinner when Karla's Dad said he enjoyed cutting Blake out of a photo....ask me sometime to fill in the rest of the story.
5. Teaching my nephew, the groom that is, how to dance about 10 minutes before the first dance with his new wife! Second to that, teaching my other nephew, the best man that is, how to dance as well. We vowed to allow no prom-dancing at this wedding!
6. When the reception kicked off with my darling daughter deciding she didn't like a piece of cheese, spitting it out, gagging herself to the point of vomiting the 8 or so tomatoes she had just downed--all over our table, her dress, etc. Please note there were no napkins or anything nearby that I could use as a catchall for the tomato puke. After a new tablecloth, some time washing her dress in the bathroom--we were good to go....

I think that's about it--please click here to view all the great pictures! Ella is missing her family and especially cousins Gracie and Lexi after being with them for a few days.

I want Nana!

We all enjoyed a great visit from Nana for about 5 days including Mother's Day. Ella picked out some great pink bling for Nana's gift :-) . We surprised Nana (with the North Carolina roots) with a visit to our favorite BBQ place Smoque for Mother's Day dinner. She thought we couldn't have made a better choice! Read about it here if you haven't been yet. If we had a car we would be there alot more often. Ever since Nana left we've heard alot of whiny "I want Nana". Here are some photos of our fun times together with Nana. Click on the slideshow for set May 2007.
Coming next: Flower girl debut

Friday, May 04, 2007


The why stage has come down upon us like a large dark cloud. It's amusing sometimes, but mostly annoying and very trying for even the most patient of mothers :-). How did you get through this stage? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Coming soon: Another Ella movie.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Today is May Day, a day that commemorates the workers’ struggle across the world (read about it here). It seems strange to me that only recently was I made aware of the true meaning of this day. My May Day memories as a child of playing ding dong ditch 'em leaving flowers at the front door, is far from being related to the "workers' struggle".

Maybe it's just me but I constantly find things that make me ask why, when put in global perspective, is our country so wonderful in so many ways--but so desperately lacking in others? Even though much of the May Day origins came from the U.S., and in fact right here in the midwest, the meaning doesn't seem to have been passed down through generations as it should have been. Of course, there are still celebrations of spring/maypoles, etc. too. But not many "worker's rights" activities going on until recent years.

This photo is from the immigration march here today.

So just curious if any of you knew what the intent of May Day was, on a global perspective that is, and when you learned about it. Leave a comment please.