Thursday, June 14, 2007

Urban playground

The Bean

Playing in the fountain

At the concert on Papa's shoulders
Asha & Ryan
All the kids

This week has been a constant reminder of why I love living in Chicago. Not only have all the summer activities begun, but the weather has been glorious. My favorite forecast is "mostly sunny-mid 80's inland, 10 degrees cooler at the lakefront" (that's us). The air feels wonderfully cool and fresh making you never want to go inside.

Luckily Chicago is packed with summer events, festivals, concerts, etc.! On Friday we were able to see a kids concert in the morning at Millennium Park where we then played at the bean (cloudgate) and in the Crown Fountain and had a picnic lunch with friends Heather & Braden. Then last night the Grant Park Music Festival opened and we heard world-class classical music while dining on the lawn underneath the Frank Gehry architecture with friends Alex, Jyothi, Asha & Ryan, Heather & Braden. Couldn't have been better.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

So it's not often that I would post about my own birthday. But on Sunday, my sweet husband and daughter baked me a cake and made me homemade frosting--buttercream of course--and colored it pink of course (Ella's favorite color)! I confirmed with David that indeed it was his first time ever to frost a cake! It was a great day--and Ella said I turned 2 1/2 so we'll just go with that....:-)
Making Mama's birthday card. I guess clothing hampers her creativity?
Birthday kiss for Mama!
Making the buttercream

Ella's favorite part--"tasting"

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dora to the rescue and other happenings in the hood

So David has been recovering very well. (I assume everyone knows what I'm talking about--if not leave me a comment and I will update you). Ella has still been quite concerned about him and all of this. She doesn't like him lying around all the time (neither do I! :-)), and wanted to see his bandage where they did the "test". She thought it would definitely help him feel better to have a Dora bandage--like she gets sometimes. Unfortunately, David's no fun and wouldn't let me take or post a picture of this due to the location being in the "groin area". But here's a more boring picture of Ella trying to snuggle with Papa as best as she can. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers. June 19th will be the appointment with Dr. Denes, unless they have a cancellation to get him in sooner. Here are also some fun pics at the playground during the few days before David's EP study and some other cute photos taken in our courtyard.

We were blessed with a brief visit from my Aunt Faith and cousin Raney, whom you've all read about here often. They came to Chicago for just one day/night for the National Lung Cancer Partnership meeting. They learned alot of good information, and Raney was able to meet another patient who has survived 5 years with Stage 4 lung cancer! We had a great dinner at Rosebud, see the picture below of Faith and Raney with Ella.

Ella LOVES the beach this year! Last year she hated it. I look forward to posting many more beach pictures and sad to think of moving from our condo where the beach and the playground are both a five minute walk across the street!

My oldest niece Mikayla just graduated from Junior High School at Excelsior Learning Center, where she received an award for academic excellence! I can't tell you how old it makes me feel to think she will start High School in the fall. Note on her diploma "Mikayla Heather"--after me :-). I remember holding her in the hospital when she was born. I feel old and realize how fast time flies and quickly children grow up!

Ella finally has her "new rail" or her crib has finally been converted to a Toddler Bed. Yes, yes, we could have done this a LONG time ago, but since we share sleeping quarters, thought it best to keep her confined as long as we could. However, with my neck etc. and her growth I was just tired of lifting her in and out! So we had to go ahead and break down and get the white rail since the pecan to match hasn't been available since before I checked about a year ago and I was unable to find one on Craigs List, ebay, etc. Oh well! Ella loves her "new rail" and has done a great job of only getting out when allowed....for the most part.

I think that's about all we've done for awhile now. Sorry for the lag in posts. I'll keep updating on any new news on David here too.

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