Friday, August 04, 2006

Ella, Nana, Pa at Lincoln Park Zoo

Nana Pa Ella in Chicago
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Here are the photo's from the recent visit, as promised. Click to the link below and then on the set "Nana Pa visit"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Melting in Chicago

As I sit here in the living room sweating, Ella is sleeping peacefully in the cool bedroom. That's what living with outdated electricity means. Last night I thought we should just try and see what would happen if we left both units on, and of course within less than five minutes the circuit blew. Oh well, it causes us to want to go to bed sooner, so we're all getting more rest these days.

We had a great visit with my Mom and Dad and luckily they were here right between our two heatwaves, so we had wonderful weather. Ella told me this morning that she was pretty sad. I asked her why and she said "Nana Pa not with us right now". She misses them alot, and sobbed when they left. We managed to squeeze alot into their 5-night visit: Grant Park concert and picnic, the zoo, the playground alot, the Children's Museum. Ella hadn't been to an orchestra concert for one year, and absolutely loved it. She shouted out in the middle of Scherezade, "dare he is, flute playing again!" And she still talks about the lady playing the guitar, the conductor waving his arms, and seeing all of the instruments. I'd like to think that her love of these things is partly my doing....

David has been very busy at work. Not only is he under alot of tight deadlines with his projects, but he has been filling in for someone on vacation, and helping out someone who is doing their first highrise building. What alot of work! He works so hard, and Ella misses him alot when his hours get stretched into her "Papa" time. Of course I miss him too.

Yesterday, I decided to purchase an e-fare to go see my friend Carmen in Connecticut. So Ella and I will be on a plane bright and early Saturday morning, and David will unfortunately be working alot all weekend here in Chicago. I'm looking forward to spending time with our friends and seeing their new baby.

I'll add pictures later. Including some of Ella planting her corn from the Museum of Science & Industry farm. They said it would grow in 10-14 days. What they didn't know was our dining room window has a greenhouse effect right now--so we got plants in less than two days! Ella loves watering her corn, and I'm not sure what we'll do when it outgrows the container.

Headed to the bedroom, quietly, to cool off and catch-up on some reading.