Monday, August 16, 2010

Devils or Angels?

The 52nd annual Chicago Air and Water Show just took place this weekend. For us Chicagoans, that means 4 days of feeling like we live in a war zone--or at least on a military base. (Two days of practice, two days of the show). And no, we did NOT go to the show. We only heard/saw from our house, the car, or a few times we got caught outside.

Poor Nicholas wants to love the Blue Angels so badly. He thinks w
atching them is amazing--through soundproof glass. He is terrified of their noise though. And I don't mean sticking his fingers in his ears for a moment. I mean he holds his hands over his ears, screams "hold me safe", suctions to me or David like a spider monkey, won't go outside, has night terrors where he does the same, and now thinks every plane going to O'Hare is a Blue Angel.

This is a problem.

We live in the flight path to O'Hare, and planes fly over us about every 3-4 minutes. It is so bad that after searching online and still being dumbfounded, I called the pediatrician. The boy has been traumatized--and I don't use that word lightly.

I usually only seek medical advice from the peds, but I need help--and hearing is medical, right? Help!

They are definitely devils, not angels.

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