Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We did it!

We successfully had an adults only 3-day weekend get away! My Mom & Dad spent a week with us, and over this past weekend we left Ella in their care and David and I drove to Saugatuck, Michigan where we had a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable time together. It really was alot of fun and Ella survived just fine. I only cried a little bit when we left Friday morning. It was a bit rough on her the first night, especially since she hadn't been told (yes, it's my fault) that Nana & Pa would be staying at our house with her, not at the bed & breakfast where they had been staying. So she was wondering if she would be left by herself. Once my Mom figured that out, and explained to her that they would be sleeping in our bed and staying with her all night, things went much better until Nana started singing "Lullaby"--one of the songs I always sing--and Ella cried for awhile. She definitely missed us--especially at night--and we missed her too. Their were alot of kids in Saugatuck, and we would often think of Ella when we saw the one's around her age. Our reunion Sunday evening involved alot of hugging and holding all night and a visit to our bed at 2 a.m. until wake-up time. But overall, all three of us survived the trip and had a good time.

Mom and Dad went home yesterday afternoon and Ella's already talking about what we will do when they come back next week. If only they could!...

Will post pictures and details from Saugatuck soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Potty Talk

The imagination of my daughter is quite vivid and never ceases to amaze me. My favorite most recent "story" she has created has to do with potty time. So I apologize for all the potty talk in advance. Picture: Ella sitting on the toilet pooping. "Ella, are you done yet?" "No! My poop is at the airport." "O.k., well tell him to hurry up!" Ella: "Well he's actually still on the plane right now." A few minutes pass... "Mama, my poop is coming home!" "He just got off the airplane and is going through security." Another few minutes pass... "Ella, did your poop come home?" "No, he went through security but now he's waiting for his luggage. His suitcase." Another few minutes...."Mama, my poop is here! He came home and just plopped!"

I guess this is what happens when a 2 1/2 year old has frequent flyer numbers....


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Independence/Dependence Day

Dependence Day:
Toddler separation anxiety (especially nighttime) is HERE! You wonder why I haven't posted in so long, well I usually have a little free time in the afternoon when Ella naps, but lately she won't nap without me lying with her, so I've been getting naps again (not such a bad thing) and getting nothing else done! The worst is at night after rocking/singing time she wants me to sit next to her bed and hold her hand until she's asleep. No, I'm not joking. We tried to force the normal routine on her when this first happened and it was several nights of lengthy, dramatic wailing that led to her getting permission to climb on our bed where she would ultimately fall asleep after about two hours of the still continued wailing (literally that's the best word to describe it). That was not working. So I've been sitting next to her as long as she lies still, doesn't talk and closes her eyes. Whew, some nights the minutes seem like hours! Can't wait for this to pass.
Independence Day:
"NO, I can do it by myself." "Just go out!" "I'm a big girl!" "Let ME do it!" "Mama just go away!"
Yes, these are all phrases spoken by the same child as in the previous paragraph--sometimes just moments apart from screaming when I try to walk out of the room. Or like Sunday in the middle of church when the kids were dismissed for Bible Hour and she began screaming and crying and clung to me for dear life because she didn't want to go to class. Or when she doesn't even want me in the bathroom with her, wants to wipe herself, wash her hands herself, etc. one time and then 3 hours later won't even start walking to the bathroom unless I come with her.

So, yes we know this is all "normal" but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable. In spite of everything we still manage to have alot of fun and are hoping that our weekend get away without her (first time EVER to leave her overnight or for more than a few hours!) at the end of the month won't be a total disaster for my parents who will be visiting us and keeping her while we're gone!

Will post pictures tomorrow if I can of our recent fun times.......