Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shots all around

Sorry, but not the intoxicating kind....Since it's flu shot season David and I both received our flu shots and Nicholas got his flu shot and some of his regular (we will go back for a flu booster for him and the rest of his others next month) and Ella got some 4-year old boosters and a blood prick for hemoglobin check at the Dr.
a couple of weeks ago when we had a double Pediatrician visit for Gabriella's four year old check-up and Nicholas's six-month check-up. Whew! What a run-on sentence.

We are always amused by the crazy things Ella will tell Dr. Clark when she asks her questions. For example what's your favorite thing to eat Dr. Clark asks her. "apples!" she says. Big fat lie. Apples tend to be one of those sensory issues that the wet slimy feel will keep her from eating on most attempts to have her eat apples....I mean apples are her favorite food! I could go on and on but won't. On to more interesting things. Ella measured in at a strong 44" and 40 pounds. She was the talk of the office. The debate was whether she will be WNBA or Super Model. I told them I would prefer a WNBA player that looked like a super model :-). By the way, in case you don't know, 44" for age four is TALL! Way off the chart tall! She seems to keep tracking the same in height and not dropping off so we expect a minimum of a six footer! It will be strange to have her look down at me someday.

As for the boy, well David is hoping his sister won't be taller than him in the future. Right now at 6 months he is where she was at 4 months for both height and weight. However, we're NOT comparing them, right?! And he's such a dashingly handsome, sweet, healthy with rolls little boy who cares about percentiles?

Enjoy the sad bandage photos and Nicholas swinging for the first time on his 6 month birthday!

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Free to Breathe Run/Walk

On November 1st David, Nicholas, Gabriella and I will be participating in the Lung Cancer Partnership Run/Walk to raise money for this great organization that researches lung cancer. My cousin Raney died of lung cancer the same day Nicholas was born if you don't know. She was one of those "never smoker" growing category of people that contract this terrible disease.

During Raney's fight for life she was very active in learning all she could and supporting research whenever possible. This particular organization was her favorite because she felt their funds were used for truly valuable, logical and wise goals.

There is a widget in the sidebar where you can get more info or donate for our run/walk. If you followed Raney's story and feel moved please donate if you can. As my Aunt said, if Raney were still alive she would be "all over this event!"

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The FOUR year old!

September 29th
Lincoln Square

Yes, it's true that on September 29th Miss Gabriella Marguerite turned four years old. I can hardly believe we've had her for four years. So much has happened and she has grown from our baby girl so fast into our little girl. Stop growing! I keep telling her as a joke, but sometimes I wish we could make time stand still and savor the special moments like holding your newborn for the first time and feeling the strongest instant bond.....spending long hours ummm "peacefully" discussing what her name should be.......finally naming her....... being thrilled when she rolled over, crawled, walked and said Mama as her first word (of course)........ wondering on her 2nd birthday if I would ever get to "fix" her hair in ponytails, pigtails, braids, etc. and then slowly seeing her bald head finally turn into beautiful long golden curls through four years of time..... sighing a big sigh of relief when she finally learned how to jump (seriously I once googled: "age 3 + can't jump")..... being amazed at how her long legs continue to grow and how graceful they can be in third position during ballet class..... loving her beautiful buck tooth smile and being ever so thankful we just acquired dental insurance that includes orthodontia.....wondering how on earth this innocent, sweet child has turned out so beautiful, smart, sweet, considerate, kind, caring, observant and so creative and fun by spending her days with you.....and watching her cherish and love on her baby brother like she needs nobody else in this world.....and then realizing that you can't stop time so you try to soak it all in because you know how quickly another four years will pass........

Reprise of the cake on the real birthday

This little girl loves her Papa

The infamous"If you take a mouse to school" lunchbox cake
And I thought Ella the Elephant was hard last year! (I have more pictures if you want to see them just let me know :-)

Doing the Hokey Pokey with her friends

Ella requested the events of the day: Lunch of PBJ, go see the play "If you take a mouse to school", face painting by Mama, eat cake, do the Hokey Pokey"

My favorite two faces

Ella by "Mouse"

Posing for a picture in the courtyard:
Ryan, Ella, Braden, Asha

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marion have been at all four of Ella's birthday party's!
This was in the lobby of the Apollo Theatre where we saw the Emerald City Theatre production of
"If you take a mouse to school".

My little dress-up girl

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