Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I have a great excuse for not blogging in awhile. I've been quite ill due to our new baby on the way. Just the normal nausea, dizziness, dry heaves and metallic taste in my mouth. Plus it's hard to blog when you're keeping such a big secret. So the secret is now out and Ella has told everyone about the baby in my tummy. We brought her to the ultrasound last week and that's when we told her. So she was able to see the baby jumping around, and see the heart beating too. She's thrilled! First week of April I will most likely have a repeat c-section. My Dr.'s don't do VBAC's anymore, and after a lot of research I'm leaning toward staying with them and having the repeat c-section. Any thoughts or info you want to share on VBAC's would be great. Wish me a quick end to this sickness. Though David has been wonderful, cooking and cleaning and Ella brings me crackers--and shares them with me.

Much more to blog about--another day. Notice the new tickers for Ella, new baby and also a blog hit counter to help me realize people really do read the blog even though I don't get alot of comments.